Dirtbag Training Diary – A Speed Onsight Workout

It’s the little things.  Does the Twix bar my daughter bought for me, a carrot, a coffee, a bottle of pink lemonade, and two stems of broccoli really make the work-out better?  Yes, definitely.  I only had one hour, and I was chewing and drinking the entire time.

I warmed-up with traversing (while talking to my friend about the Tour De France and how apparently some people watch the world’s most famous bike race just to see “all the different cows the riders pass” – I guess the French countryside has some interesting bovine locals).

Then I climbed three VB routes to finish the warm-up.

And because my knee is a little messed up from soccer games, I tried an on-sight drill.  Climb an accelerator with minimum rest, demanding onsights.  Don’t fall on that knee.

Three VO onsights.  No falls.

Three V1 onsights.  No falls.

Three V2 onsights.  No falls.

One V3 onsight, then I fell on the second V3 route.  I jammed my knee hard when I fell, and that was pretty much it.  Traversing, then five minutes of high-rep weights, and my hour was up.

And I still had a little pink lemonade left over.


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