A Writer, On His Process (Chuck Wendig)

For me, it’s always good to see where a writer writes or what his or her process is.  I like to think of Andre Dubus III’s walled-in, blank writing room where he writes in total silence.

Or how Stephen King can’t write at an expensive desk in a huge, solitary room, how King wrote Carrie in a noisy hallway while getting bumped by family members passing through.  King later tried to recreate that environment in his expensive Maine house by having a desk in his kids’ rec room, asking them to invite in friends, talk, and watch TV while he worked nearby.

Hemingway wrote three drafts of each short story, always three.  One in Pencil, a typed second draft, and a typed third draft.  That’s not my process, but it still fascinates me.

I love to read how writers write.

And here’s one I came across recently – If you missed it, this is the same writer who wrote about the “25 Lies Writers Tell (And Start To Believe).”

This new one is also from Terribleminds.com:

“Just What The Fuck Do You Do, Anyway?”


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