Interviewed About My Forthcoming Novel – Graphic The Valley

This is a funny video.  Not funny because I intended it to be funny, but funny for quite a few reasons:

1. I’m filthy and in the wild (on top of a huge boulder) when interviewed.

2. I am obsessed with the feel of Ponderosa pine needles (you can see them in both of my hands during the interview).

3. I struggle to answer questions.

4. The morning sun is striking directly into the backs of my eyes and at the moment am legally blind.

5. I really care about the subject matter (my new novel) but can’t articulate what I want to.

When I first watched this, I cringed.  But then I thought, “Oh well, we can’t always look cool and intelligent in interviews.”  I guess I have to be a real person:



2 thoughts on “Interviewed About My Forthcoming Novel – Graphic The Valley

  1. I can’t wait to read your new book. But, I have to ask. Did a preposition get dropped somewhere in the title? Certainly that wouldn’t have made it through the editing process.


    • First of all, I want to read a book by you because you, sir, are funny. And yes, maybe I did drop a preposition. I often leave all sorts of things in random places. Have you seen my house?


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