On Rejection – Go Back To This Over And Over

If you’re a writer, or were a writer, or know a writer, or want to be a writer, or might some day write something about anything, this piece is for you.  Actually, if you’re not a writer, yet you still want to be tougher, more resilient, more successful, more brave, more daring, more risk-taking, then this piece is for you.

So if you’re a human being who wants to be a better human being, click the link below.

To keep it simple, successful people make attempts, take risks, and often fail.  They fail hundreds or thousands of times.  They fail until they succeed.  It doesn’t matter what the pursuit is, failure is part of the process. But Chuck Wendig says it so much better than I can. He may be foul-mouthed and crazy, but his metaphors are hilarious and he absolutely knows what he’s talking about.



One thought on “On Rejection – Go Back To This Over And Over

  1. Greetings. I’m wondering if you might be interested in doing a website link exchange? I notice your blog: https://peterbrownhoffmeister.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/on-rejection-go-back-to-this-over-and-over/ and my website are based around the same subject matter. I’d really like to swap links or perhaps guest author a article for you.

    Here is my personal email: aubreyhall@gmail.com. Be sure to contact me if you’re even remotely interested. Thank you so much.


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