Southern Arizona Family Adventures Into The New Year

I took an extra week from teaching to make our family break 23 days, and we’re hanging out in Southern Arizona, adventuring every day, hiking, swimming, exploring in different canyons, on different trails. Finger Rock, Toponac, Pima, Saguaro National Monument, and Santa Catalina.

The other day, we explored the hills around Ironwood National Monument and the girls found ancient Hohokam dwellings just like the ones we saw in Santa Catalina the other day (after canyoneering in a creek bottom).  Fifteen rooms, probably from around 1000 A.D. – considering what we already know about those indians and when they lived in the area. Pottery shards everywhere.

I went back and looked for those ruins online and they’re not even catalogued.  So we’re going to report them to the U of A archeology department.  It’s so cool to see my girls explore and discover (they love to be way, way off trail). Also, the terrain was so rugged that the dog wouldn’t even follow them.

Went bouldering twice at Silverbell Rd. this past week, good bouldering on iron-infused volcanic rock. Going to Gates Pass today and the Desert Museum.

So grateful for my life. Good new year.


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