Dirtbags Aren’t Green I Guess

I just read an interview of a “green entrepreneur” in a magazine.  I won’t be more specific than that because after just one interview I hated the guy.

His jeans cost $215 but they were “an organic cotton blend.”

He doesn’t wake up to an alarm clark because that’s “a prison symbol of modern society.”

He said it’s “hard having a Spanish girfriend and having to fly all over the world all the time.” But don’t worry, he “buys a lot of carbon offsets to make up for it.”

He meets his friends for “organic, local-brewery beer after an eleven hour work day” (lest we fear that he doesn’t work hard enough for his money).

Which brings us to the term “entrepreneur.”  In this case, “entrepreneur” means that this dude made a website that tells people how to be a smug bastard like him.

Oh sorry….sometimes I’m not smart enough to understand great minds so I get a little judgmental.

And I guess dirtbags aren’t green entrepreneurs.  This guy showers, and I didn’t shower this week. He uses hair product (don’t worry again, his hair product is organic too). While he let us know all about his shirt and jeans and coat and “organic shoes” (I didn’t make that up), I didn’t happen to buy any organic blend clothing this week because a bunch of people I know always give me their old clothes, plus I have an unclaimed lost and found at the school where I teach.

My-Only-Friend-In-The-Entire-World-Jeff-Hess says its ten times better to reuse than recycle, and ten times better than that to reduce your needs in the first place.  Since he’s my only friend, and older/wiser than me, I tend to believe him on those points. But this green entrepreneur apparently doesn’t have an older/wiser friend. So this story is actually kind of sad.

Oh, and one last thing I was thinking about:

Flying a lot then buying carbon offsets is like pooping on people’s faces while they’re sleeping but leaving nice washcloths, soap, and a couple of bucks for a local  to clean them up afterward.


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