Hey Dirtbags – Climbing Is Dumb?

I love it when one of my climbing friends sends me an article he found online and it turns out that the piece is written by one of my other climber friends.  My bouldering and accident-prone friend Nick Birdseye (who can solidly climb V8 and has also stabbed himself so badly that he needed surgery because he was trying to make jean shorts out of a pair of jeans he was currently wearing) sent this to me, and I didn’t even notice it was written by another hilarious friend of mine, Brendan Leonard, until I finished reading.

This was published in Adventure Journal.  Excerpt:

“Try to tell someone that you spent your weekend trying to send your project, which in layperson’s terms is, “Well, I tie a rope to my harness, take my shirt off, cover my hands in chalk and try to climb up 65 feet of overhanging rock, where there’s a set of chains…” — and they start to glaze over. I mean, come on, it’s easily no more ridiculous than, say, golf, or cricket, right?”

Click to read the whole article.  It’s worth it.


2 thoughts on “Hey Dirtbags – Climbing Is Dumb?

  1. I know this will probably disturb you as well as your climbing buddies. But, I’ve never heard a more corporate workaholic statement in my life than, “…tell someone you spent your weekend trying to send your project…”.

    Brendan at least describes what he means. But, when I first read that statement, I thought he was having trouble with his email service or couldn’t zip his PowerPoint file correctly or the UPS Store was out of supplies. Clearly I don’t live in (or even understand) the climbers world.


  2. Clearly, Brendan is too corporate. He’s wearing a suit right now, sitting in a marketing meeting. I’m going to spill coffee on him on purpose.


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