Book Review Of My Novel, Graphic The Valley

Beth Kephart, National Book Award Finalist and freelance reviewer for The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune, wrote a review of my forthcoming novel, Graphic the Valley, on her blog:

Read the review.


6 thoughts on “Book Review Of My Novel, Graphic The Valley

  1. Wow Peter! That is an exceptional review. I’m not a writer, but I would have to guess that is about as good as a writer can hope for from a review. Right? Either way, it made me look forward even more to reading the book. Congrats on the book and the well deserved review.


  2. Peter, when my daughter came home yesterday and told me about your article that wasn’t published, she immediately went to find it. We both read it and I will have to say how refreshing to hear the truth spoken! Thank you for your boldness, your commitment to our youth at south eugene! Our schools need more teachers who can write like you. Looking forward to getting my hands on your latest book too! Malinda Trautman


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