My New Book Has Been Sent From The Printer

I just got an email from my agent that her copies of Let Them Be Eaten By Bears – A Fearless Guide To Taking Our Kids Into The Great Outdoors have arrived.

And she sent me this pic from her office in New York:

Book cover for Bears (Perigee/Penguin Group)

Book cover for Bears (Perigee/Penguin Group)

Can’t wait for the release date, May 7th.


5 thoughts on “My New Book Has Been Sent From The Printer

  1. Hi, Peter. I just found out about you today after reading your article on the school shootings. I am getting ready for the second half of a cross-country bicycle trek having completed the first half (1300 miles) last spring and summer. Just want to mention that I appreciate your including a bicycle on the cover of your new book, and I will look for it once I am resettled in Santa Barbara, CA later this year.


    • 1300 miles so far?! I am incredibly impressed. Well done. I love my bike, and commute 8 miles every day, but I’m no where near your league. Thank you for inspiring me. And thanks for the link too. – PBH


  2. Hi! A friend recently shared on FB your post, “On School Shooters”. I enjoyed reading your perspective and agreed with many points. I especially liked your statement, “Get kids outside. Take them out and let them wander around in the woods. Let them canoe across a lake. Let them backpack through a mountain range. Give them a map and compass assignment. Give frustrated youth an opportunity to challenge themselves in the natural world.”

    After finishing your piece, I started poking about on your site and realized that we are both fellow Oregonians (though I presently live in CA). I tried to find a way to follow you but don’t see a way – are you on Twitter and/or Facebook? If not, you should consider creating a public presence (it could be a separate page than your personal page that you use with family/friends.

    Anyway .. well done! I look forward to reading your book. Richard Louv’s book really struck a cord with me and I’m sure yours will do the same.


    • Makita – Thank you for your encouragement, and for reading. As you probably found, I do have a Twitter account but don’t have a Facebook page. I love Richard Louv’s book as well. To me, he’s one of the most important public figures we have in this country (going forward). – PBH


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