New Piece On Censorship – Huffington Post

I’m writing for The Huffington Post again (after a three year break). Here’s my new piece on censorship:

“Should We Censor What Teens Read?”


2 thoughts on “New Piece On Censorship – Huffington Post

  1. As a retired school librarian, my vote would be no. Well, of course. Let them read whatever they want. I had 2nd graders checking out Harry Potter (fourth grade reading level). A very thick book with fine print and no pictures. I would only question their desire. Are you sure? It has a lot of words and no pictures. “My sister will read it with me.” And it was checked out to them. Of course, I also have a duty as a librarian and my library purchases were for age and subject appropriate books. So no, I would tell the 5th graders, we don’t have any Twilight books. No, I won’t be purchasing any Twilight books in the future.

    The American Library Association (the ones that sponsor Banned Books Week every fall) have extensive literature on the right to read. They also track censorship, challenges and banning of books.

    But what I really came to your blog to say was I just read your piece on how to preserve Yosemite. I think it is a brilliant idea. I do NOT want any sort of corporate sponsorship in the park. In fact, I’m rather pleased the concessions in the park have been returned to the Park service.

    I haven’t been to Yosemite since I was a child in the late 60s. I would love to go again. I almost did in the 80s but the hiking partner I had lined up had to have emergency surgery. So now I am retired and in my 60s and my dream is to spend a week in the park at the hotel and shuttle or hike to sites. I’ve recently taken up watercolor and I can’t think of a better place to just walk around, stop and paint.

    I recently returned from a trip to Italy (three weeks of public transportation) and after that was disappointed to find the only way I can get to Yosemite is to drive my own car. (Likewise Yellowstone). There is no way to hop on a train and go to Yosemite. I’m not even sure there is public transportation to take me into the park or help me get around.

    Should I actually have a chance to visit the park as I envision, I will bring my bicycle with me, per your suggestions and leave the car parked. I do worry in it’s present state how likely it will be that I will be hit by a car while on my bicycle.

    I think your modified plan is outstanding. Especially with Zion as a model. (I was in Zion in the 80s with my family.) I’d like to see the Park Service do a trial run for Yosemite perhaps for September/October to see how things go and then expand. And I’d like to see those shuttles be electric buses. Or at the very least natural gas ones like we have locally.

    Thank you for that blog post. I know reservations for Yosemite fill up way in advance. Too late for this year but maybe 2018. If McDonald’s hasn’t bought the park from “President Trump”.


    • Thank you so much for responding to both pieces, and for thinking through the nuances of censorship. As a librarian, you probably understand the issues even better than I do.
      Also, I do hope you get to visit Yosemite again and have an opportunity to paint in the valley.
      On biking currently, my daughter and I just spent five days camping there and biked every day. There are bikes paths and it never felt dangerous. So no need to worry about getting hit by a car.


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