Works In Progress – Spanish Poetry: La Pregunta

I’ve been writing poems in Spanish lately, then translating them back into English.

Here’s an attempt – a work in progress – a rough draft of a recent poem:

La Pregunta

Eres como un eclipse,

oscuridad del sol, día

muerte un poco

una sepultura, yo camino

y veo el cielo,

giró violeta, se sombra.

Un cuervo talla los cosmos,

confesor negro, pajaro

sacerdotal, y yo pregunto

mi consulta.


And in English:


The Question

You are an eclipse,

obscurity of the sun, day

dying a little

a tomb, I walk

and see the sky

twist violet, shadow itself.

A crow carves the cosmos,

black confessor,

sacerdotal bird, and I ask

my question.


4 thoughts on “Works In Progress – Spanish Poetry: La Pregunta

  1. Hi, bilingual speaker of Spanish and English here! It is amazing to appreciate how two different poems that apparently are saying the same things can transmit such contrasting feelings. I particularily find the sonority of the english version more amusing and graceful. I was also curious about the fact that you used ‘muerte’ and then translated it into ‘dying’ why this? Best regards.


    • Thank you for reading and commenting! I appreciate that. I’ve been writing more poems, and wondering if I should keep posting attempts. I guess maybe I will. On the translation question: Great question! I’ve been reading a lot of Neruda and Alejandra Pizarnik as originals (in Spanish) then by different translators, and thinking about how translators don’t necessarily translate literally. More the feeling. But you’re correct, “muerte” isn’t the present continuous. So Maybe I was just incorrect.
      Again, thank you for reading though. For you, I’ll post another poem soon.


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