– The Rant Page –

By definition:




To speak or declaim in a violent, loud, or vehement manner; to rave


Such violent, loud, or extravagant speech

– The List –

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1. Middle schoolers with cell phones.

2. Actors who use the word “organic” to describe roles.

3. “Republicans” and “Liberals”.

4. Guys who mention their martial arts belts during casual conversations.

5. “Independent Film” Snobs.

6. Blue Tooths.

7. Adults who change their names.

8. “Da club”.

9. Old people who only talk about food.

10. Unimaginative bored people with no opinions.

11. Outdoor Gear Guy.

12. Long meetings.

13. Cliches.

14. The Top Unprofessionals.


1 thought on “Rants

  1. love this. I wrote an entire entry on my hatred of the blue tooth. check it. “can you hear me now.” LOL to outdoor gear guy and I am with you re: organic to describe a film role. However, in general I think the whole organic thing has gone wayyyyy tooo far.


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