Best Author’s Bio Ever


Recently, I’ve been reading as many of the Best American Short Stories anthologies as I can. With 20 stories by 20 different authors in each addition – edited by a different guest editor each year – they’re all excellent. I’m entertained while also learning from the various styles and techniques of these award winning authors.

I’m not reading the collections in any particular order, just reading whatever anthology I find next at my used bookstore or library. That’s how I came across the 1998 edition, guest-edited by Garrison Keiller. It includes incredible stories by Annie Proulx, Carol Anshaw, Akhil Sharma, and others, but it’s the authors’ bio sections that really caught my eye in this edition, because a short story writer named Poe Ballantine wrote the best author bio I’ve ever read.

Since it’s not available online, I’m going to retype his bio for you right here:

“I am forty-two. College dropout. Live in a motel room. I generally move every year, but I am tired of moving and I like this room so I think I will stay another year. I have had lots of odd jobs, mostly cooking. I worked at the radio antenna factory just across the tracks for a while, then sold a couple of stories, so I quit March 5, and if I live on $400 a month and this wisdom tooth coming in doesn’t knock the rest of my teeth sideways, I will be able to write until August.”



New interview with The Nervous Breakdown.

I was chosen by an edgy lit site for an interview this week:

The Nervous Breakdown is on the sharp end of the literary scene, with features of Nick Flynn, Bonnie Jo Campbell, and Chuck Palahniuk, and I’m grateful to be included on their site.

They didn’t bold the first question about my father – making for an odd reading moment – but I was happy with the interview, and it’ll make sense.

The Interview:  Click.

The Excerpt They Chose:  Click.

Book Divas and LeRoy Interview.


I have a Q and A with unpublished writers on Book Divas, Ask a New Author, this month.  Cool set-up by Miriam Gershow, author of The Local News.

Also, Ben LeRoy and I are doing an interview series on Ampheta’Zine this month.

Important note (so important that I put it in bold):  This short, utilitarian update was way more than 140 characters.