IOP River Trip

We’ve decided to take the Integrated Outdoor Program back to the Deschutes River in Central Oregon this year.
Here’s a rafting video my student Cam made last year on that stretch of river. In the video you can see a couple of class IV rapids plus lots of boat attacks:
Youtube Video
We usually do three days on a river, camp, hike, raft, kayak, run through rescue techniques, pirate other boats, and fish.


Everyday Dirtbag Diary

Nothing better than bouldering on good rock, hiking the Crooked River, catching frogs and lizards and grasshoppers with my daughter.

Got to hang out with good people these last three days (Ben LeRoy and KT Meehan + new British friends), swim creeks and rivers, adventure in Central Oregon.

Plus, Ben shot this video of KT’s leg (nice bloody mungee).  24-seconds long:


Dirtbag Training Diary

One day on, one day off.  Yesterday:  Light endurance climbing, sets of three minutes on, high-endurance, light weights in between sets (5 and 10-pound curls, reverse curls, upright rows, and military press).

61 push-ups.

Borrowed a copy of Arno Ilger’s The Rock Warrior’s Way.

Back to the Sisters Boulders for three days starting tomorrow morning, and a few new routes at the area I’m developing:  Step Sisters.

Smith on Sunday for a little while?