If They Have To Write A Disclaimer, Then It’s Going To Be Fun

From the new, typeset copyright page of my forthcoming book, Let Them Be Eaten By Bears:

“Outdoor recreational activities are by their very nature potentially hazardous. All participants in such activities must assume the responsibility for their own actions and safety. If you have any health problems or medical conditions, consult with your physician before undertaking any outdoor activities. The information contained in this guide book cannot replace sound judgment and good decision making, which can help reduce risk exposure, nor does the scope of this book allow for disclosure of all the potential hazards and risks involved in such activities. Learn as much as possible about the outdoor recreational activities in which you participate, prepare for the unexpected, and be cautious. The reward will be a safer and more enjoyable experience.”

“…nor does the scope of this book allow for disclosure of all the potential hazards and risks involved?”

“Prepare for the unexpected”?

I love it.


Oregon Poets, Fiction Writers, Memoir Writers, Publishers…..

Calling Oregon literati:

Oregon Literary Arts  Fellowship applications in multiple categories are due by the end of this week.

I was a fellow in 2006, and hope to be again next year (just sent in my application).  This is an excellent support group for young Oregon authors, and a great platform point for a writer of any age.  Fellows are given $2500 and promotion.

Applications here:  Click.

Failing Writer #41 – Real Rejections on Book #2.

On to the next book and the difficult world of publishing.

I earned three rejections this week for my book Let Them Be Eaten By Bears.  It’s still out to editors, but three fewer than last week.

Total rejections of this book so far:  Four.

The reason for the rejections?  Same old:  “This author doesn’t have a big enough platform for us.”

In simple English:  “Peter Brown Hoffmeister is not famous.”

Weird.  I thought I was…