Maybe I’m A Dirtbag?

I realized – last night – that I was going to see my mom (who’s here, visiting from Arizona), and that I smelled terrible and couldn’t remember the last time that I’d showered. Friday maybe? Or maybe it was Thursday? I know I paddled the river on Saturday, which is pretty much the same as showering…

Since that river bath, over the next five days, I’d climbed twice, biked six times, gone for a run, played soccer twice, and lifted weights four times. Plus there’s that whole Summer Sun Angle (Heat) = Sweat thing.

I’d also mowed the lawn, worked in the yard, gardened, and picked up dog poop in the sun three times.

For my mom, I took a shower.


Review From

Thank you to for the following book review for Let Them Be Eaten By Bears. Excerpt:

“Many books like this more-or-less talk down to its readers. This one doesn’t. Hoffmeister wrote this book as though he was talking to friends and fellow outdoor enthusiasts. He has experience–a lot of it–which he refers to often, but not in a look-at-me-I’m-boasting kind of way. He’s very relateable, as a parent, spouse, instructor, and all-around fun-loving individual.” —

The review is called:

“Should You Let Them Be Eaten By Bears?”