Reading Political Romance Fiction at Tsunami Books Tomorrow

I’m reading at my favorite local bookstore tomorrow at 2:00: A romance + one of the best hate letters I’ve ever received.

Come join us at the “Future Of Tsunami Books” event.


PNBA Interview: A Lion Walks Into Camp + Book Release

My first novel, Graphic the Valley, releases on Thursday evening, July 18th, at 7:00, Tsunami Books in Eugene, Oregon.  The book will then be available at indie bookstores nationwide, in Barnes & Noble, and on Amazon.

The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association ran this interview today (A Lion Walks Into Camp), including a Miriam Gershow credit, a Pete Fromm Coyote happening, and my attempts at writing quality prose.

Tsunami’s Facebook announcement for the release party.

Telling Outdoor Stories and Talking About Bears Tomorrow Night

I’m telling outdoor stories and reading tomorrow night from my book Let Them Be Eaten By Bears – A Fearless Guide To Taking Our Kids Into the Great Outdoors.

Tsunami Books, June 27th, 7:00, Willamette Street, Eugene, OR.

Bear stories. Stories from the Integrated Outdoor Program. Wild animals. Injuries.  And weather.

Reading At Tsunami Again In April – My Favorite Bookstore

I’m reading for the Oregon Writer’s Collective at Tsunami Books on Saturday April 6th, 2013 at 5:30 p.m.  Poet Jay Nebel and fiction writer/essayist J.T. Bushnell will read with me.

I used to know Jay sorta kinda fifteen years ago when we were both studying poetry under Dorianne Laux at the U of O, so Jay and I are, like, you know, best friends and all that.

Also, fans should check out Bushnell’s most recent essay in Poets & Writers (current issue).  It’s excellent.