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– Sample Features and Fiction + Memoir –

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Pieces for Ben LeRoy’s Ampheta’Zine.

The Doctor:

Fiction published by BlazeVOX, Spring Issue, ’10.  A man discovers a homeless dentist performing extractions on a table in the park.

The End of Boys:

The working title of my memoir manuscript. This is a one page sample, the opening to Chapter 1. Posted on February 22nd, 2010.

“At First Light”:

Fiction feature for climbing.com, November ’09, on soloing and the lies we tell.

“The George Washington Chronicles – Part I”:

Fiction feature for climbing.com, October ’09. An almost historical account of founding father climbing tales.

“Where’s The Gnar?”:

Feature first published in Climbing Magazine, U.S., August, ’09. Opens with a story about my daughter getting her first flapper. Ends with a rewritten fairy tale.

“Confessions of an Almost Serious Climber”:

Outlook piece first published in Rock and Ice Magazine, a U.S. climbing magazine, July, ’09. Wicked sarcasm that made two editors “uncomfortable with my point of view”.

“On Teaching Teens to Climb”:

Feature first published in Gripped Magazine, Canada’s national climbing magazine, June, ’09. Chronicles experiences working with high school students in the IOP.

“A Small Beginning”:

Story first published in Struggle Magazine (November, ’08), a proletariat lit journal out of Detroit, Michigan. Although the piece is fiction, an extension of Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang, the piece earned Hoffmeister the erroneous label of “communist sympathizer”.

“How to Break Up With Your Climbing Partner”:

Feature that won the Rock and Ice Blogger’s Brawl and was later published (in a slightly different form) by Gripped Magazine, June, ’08. This article was rejected by one magazine for being too “insinuating”.

“The Interview”:

Story first published in The Rogue Voice, November ’07. Also part of the fiction collection Loss (Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship for fiction).

“The Boxer”:

Story first published in The Rogue Voice, July ’07. Part of the fiction collection Loss. Excerpts from this collection won the Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship for fiction.


1 thought on “Writing

  1. Dear Mr. Brown Hoffmeister,
    I just read and thoroughly enjoyed ‘Where’s the Gnar?’… thank you. When I got to Rain’s short Gnar poem, a distant bell rang in my memory. I went to the bookshelf and eventually pulled out my children’s very worn copy of ‘The Big Orange Splot’ by Daniel Manus Pinkwater (published in 1977). Halfway through the book, the main character Mr. Plumbean says, “My house is me and I am it. My house is where I like to be and it looks like all my dreams.” Pretty similar, eh?.


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