Upcoming Events:

May 17th, Tsunami Books, Eugene, Oregon. Release party for THIS IS THE PART WHERE YOU LAUGH (Knopf, Random House).

May 19th, Powell’s Books At Cedar Hills Crossing, Beaverton Oregon. Reading from THIS IS THE PART WHERE YOU LAUGH (Knopf, Random House).

May 23rd, Conversations Live With Vicki St. Clair, Seattle’s KKNW, AM 1150. Interview is live at 12:30 PT, 3:30 ET.


12 thoughts on “Events

  1. Pete–will your new book be available at Tsunami on 4/6? Hope you’ll be promoting it at local readings throughout the spring. I’d rather by it from you at a reading than anywhere else.


    • Andy – Thanks for your interest. I appreciate that. But no, my nonfiction book comes out May 7th, and my novel comes out in Mid-July. I’ll read from the novel on Saturday though (4/6), from a galley copy. Hope to see you then.


  2. Your excerpt regarding school shootings was just incredible. It was honest, vulnerable, and the absurd (in a good way) irony that you are now a teacher, is an example of remarkable transition. That particular blog was some of the most precious reading I have done in a while,
    Thank you


  3. With the summer months coming up, do you participate in any speaking engagements in the South West? I truly believe that my community in Norther New Mexico needs programs like yours. And we have access to every outdoors you could possible want. Mountains, rivers, skiing, hiking, rafting and the great wild west. I don’t know how to get started. Our young people are killing each other and beating each other. And out town is small. I have heard so many of them say there is nothing to but get into trouble.


    • Darah – Yes, the Southwest has so much to offer. It’s beautiful. Unfortunately, I don’t get to the Southwest very often, and haven’t been to New Mexico in a few years. The kids there deserve great opportunities though. Maybe local youth organizations, youth groups, schools, or Outward Bound could promote positive actions in your area? Good luck. – PBH


  4. Yesterday you gave a great talk/reading at the Eugene Public Library. Thank you for that! We spoke ahead of time about Pariah Canyon. I have a two-person backpacking tent that might be useful for your students. Interested?


    • Thank you for coming. And yes, we could definitely use a tent as a trip loaner. We’re always looking for one more.
      Thank you. You could drop it at South HS or we could have someone come to you or your work and pick it up. Let me know what’s best for you. – PBH


  5. Dear Mr. Hoffmeister:
    I am writing you from Kalamazoo, Michigan. I work for Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan and every year we put together an event called Girl Developers Summit. The purpose of this event is to provide adults with information on current girl issues. We collaborate with local community agencies and organizations that serve girls ages birth-18 to identify emerging girl issues. We also created this event as a way for the council to extend its educational opportunities to parents, staff of youth agencies, potential mentors and volunteers in the community.
    Currently, all of our staff (120 of us) have been participating in a Book Club in a monthly basis… and guess which book did we finish reading?? Yes, “Let Them Be Eaten by Bears”! Our mission this year will be to get all of our Girl Scouts in the out-of-doors. Additionally, we have gifted your book to our highest-ranked volunteers (or unpaid staff). We will be offering workshops related to your book in upcoming training retreats at our camps for all of our adults.
    I have so much more to tell you… we are using all these book club presentations that we are doing as training enrichments for our volunteers. I’d love to send you some of the work we have been doing.
    Long story short, we were wondering if you would like to join us for our event and possibly be our keynote speaker. Our event is scheduled to take place on March 14, 2015, and we’re tentatively going to do it in Lansing (for now).
    Looking forward to hearing back from you! ~Mariela


    • Wow, this is an incredible compliment. Thank you for promoting the positive message, for influencing young people to engage with the outdoors, for reading, and for responding. It sounds like your Girl Scouts are in really good hands.
      Sorry I was so slow to respond to this message. I would be honored to be involved with your program. I’ve agreed to teach this coming year though, so I’ll have to see if it works with my teaching schedule. Maybe? Hopefully?
      Let me know if your event is multiple days or just that single day, and feel free to talk to my agent about your ideas (since she books all of my speaking engagements):”Adriann Ranta”
      Thank you again. This was such a nice message to receive.


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