Gnar Illustration.

Pretty cool drawing by Mike Tea (Climbing Magazine’s staff artist) that accompanied my article “Where’s the Gnar?”

6 thoughts on “Gnar Illustration.

  1. I recently saw the Gnar article and loved it. Have a story idea if you are up–it is climbing, human interest and an Oregon connection. Please respond to my email. Bryan


  2. Hi Peter!! Glad you liked the illo! I didn’t always get to connect with the writer’s directly on these pieces for Climbing over the years, so it’s nice to know that you liked the art!

    Best Wishes!

    Mike Tea


    • Mike, so cool that you got to see how much I loved that illustration. I really was impressed. Are you still free-lancing? Or who are you with? – Pete


  3. Thanks Pete,

    I am in the inhouse technical Illustrator for Black Diamoind Equipment here in SLC, but am always freelancing and looking for new projects! I do a lot of different artwork, but the editorial pieces have always been my favorite! Feel free to drop me a line if you have project ideas you’d like to collaborate on!

    Best Wishes!



  4. I’ve been teaching a friend to climb for a few months now. We where chatting about accidents and I shared a link to the photo of the italian climber who impaled himself on a quickdraw, which Rock and Ice published an analysis for. It is captioned “too gnarly not to share”. He was a little freaked out that people thought it was “gnarly”, and asked me “wtf does that even mean?!”. An essential task of teaching anyone to climb is to get them into the climber community so they understand the vocab and the culture and of course the gnar. Even though it’s been 4+ years since I read your article I remember it being damn good, and I wanted to share it with him. Do you have a copy archived anywhere?


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