Supporting Documents For The End of Boys

Even though the memoir has had a legal read, was produced from material in my journals, with stories corroborated by my friends, and read by my brother Cooper prior to publication, a few people have questioned the veracity.  And rightfully so.  It is a crazy story.

Beyond the opening note about changed names, I will say that I was asked to change three school names, many names of persons guilty of felonies, and one scene in particular:

So there is one scene in the book that is placed out of time-order, in a new location, and with different physical characteristics for one person involved.  These changes do not, however, alter the action or the outcome of the scene.  One reader called the entire book “untrue” because he knew that this scene was altered, and went online attempting to malign and slander me (even on Amazon), but I’m not worried.  I can only apologize for the changes that might confuse a reader who knew me then.  The alterations were demanded of me, and I only made changes that did not affect the book.

The book stands as true – that is, as true as the combined memory of multiple people can make a book. Any mistakes in the manuscript are unintentionally mine.

Documents of support –

First, my high school transcript showing four schools (one attended twice), and graduation despite three expulsions.  Click to enlarge:

South Eugene, Stony Brook, Kings Academy, Marist, & South Eugene

Second, my signed entrance contract for Life Challenge, Texas, the rehab and parole center that I entered and subsequently left:

Life Challenge Entrance Agreement - Signature Page

Third, two publishing industry people questioned Cooper’s “smoothness” and his athletic ability.  But I have witnesses from high school saying even though Coop was only 140 pounds, he was the only person on the football team who could hit so hard that ear pads fell out of players helmets.  Coop was amazing. Also, check out these videos (proof enough):



Finally, the book cover itself.  If that picture wasn’t on the cover, most people wouldn’t believe how quirky and interesting my family was growing up.  A medical doctor actually took a picture of his wife teaching her boys to smoke (ages four and seven).  Too perfect.

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